Continuous Integration

Why It’s Time to Migrate from Jenkins to Drone CI

With so many CI tools on the market, knowing which one is best for your organization can be tricky. Let's discuss why Jenkins is not a suitable CI tool for modern enterprises and how you can migrate to Drone CI.

Introduction to Harness Cluster Orchestrator for Amazon EKS

In this tutorial, we detail how the new Harness Cluster Orchestrator for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) feature within the Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) module can empower engineering, DevOps, and CloudOps teams with all the intelligence needed to scale Amazon EKS cluster nodes driven by unique workload requirements.

Deploying a To-Do Application to Kubernetes with Harness

This tutorial shows how we can easily deploy a Kubernetes to-do application using Harness CI/CD.

How To Implement CI/CD Efficiently

Let’s explore how you can adopt CI/CD to improve your organization’s efficiency and delivery pipeline in Harness.

How the New Features in Harness Continuous Integration Fit in Your Environment

Let’s take a closer look at how the new Harness Continuous Integration Cache Intelligence, Testing Intelligence, and Hosted Builds features work and how they can fit into your environment.

Introducing Harness CI/CD Plugin for Backstage

With the Harness CI/CD plugin for Backstage, developers can see the executions of Harness pipelines inside Backstage.

The Data is In: Harness CI is the Fastest on the Planet

New data shows that Harness Continuous Integration builds up to four times faster than other leading CI tools, which validates the impact of three important new feature enhancements: Cache Intelligence, Test Intelligence™ (a technology exclusive to Harness CI), and Hosted Builds.

Architecting Harness CI for scale

This tutorial will share insights into the architecture for Harness CI and talk about the major design decisions taken to handle scale with reliability and resilience.

What is CircleCI? A Look at Features and Use Cases

In this review, we go over what continuous integrations is, what CircleCI is, pros and cons, use cases, and how it compares to Harness CI.

What is Gitlab CI?

GitLab CI is one of GitLab’s most successful set of features. Here's our complete GitLab CI Intro and Guide.

Standardizing CI Workflows with Harness Continuous Integration and Jira

Harness has a built-in integration with Jira, and this article will demonstrate how they work together with a simple setup and example.

Modernizing Continuous Integration: What Is CI, Why Use It, & Benefits of CI

Modernizing Continuous Integration results in a few key benefits, namely repeatability, consistency, and availability. Learn more about what modernizing your CI process could do for you.

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