Feature Management That Doesn't Break the Bank

Ship Features 60% Faster With Less Risk

Speed to production. Control once you're there. Governance the whole way.

  • Everything feature management needs: boolean & multivariate flags, user targeting, management dashboard, usage metrics, custom analytics, RBAC, audit logs, no downtime risk, <500ms update streaming.
  • Automate feature release pipelines: templatize rollouts, schedule releases, mandate approvals, integrate with plugins, create trigger events, enforce governance.
  • Natively integrate with CI/CD. Manage feature in-code with YAML & GitOps. Automate governance with OPA. All at 50-70% of the cost of LaunchDarkly.
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I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to tell somebody how satisfied we are with Harness - they’ve been a great partner. That we continue to invest in additional solutions just emphasizes how happy we are with the relationship.


Mike Teeters, Sr. Product Manager, Tyler Technologies

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