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Opening Keynote

Fix It...And Make It Budget-Friendly: Empowering Engineers for Cost Consciousness

Efficient cloud cost management has become a crucial differentiator for organizations across industries. While cost optimization is often perceived as a financial or operational concern, empowering engineers to actively participate in this process can yield significant benefits. Which is why we want to explore strategies for fostering a cost-conscious mindset among engineers and equipping them with the knowledge and tools to drive meaningful cost optimizations.

Join us for this insightful session and unlock the potential of your engineering teams to drive cost optimization initiatives, contributing to your organization's overall profitability and competitive advantage. You’ll leave equipped with practical strategies, tools, and best practices to enable your teams to deliver high-quality software while maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing unnecessary expenditures.

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Breakout #1

Node to Self: Taming Costs in Containerized Workloads

As organizations embrace cloud-native architectures and Kubernetes for their application deployments, managing costs effectively becomes a critical challenge. The dynamic and scalable nature of Kubernetes environments can lead to unexpected cost spikes if left unchecked. For this reason, our panelists will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of cloud cost management strategies specifically tailored for Kubernetes environments.

The session will address the challenges of managing costs across multiple clusters, namespaces, and teams, providing strategies for establishing cost accountability and governance frameworks. Additionally, attendees will learn about monitoring and alerting mechanisms to proactively identify and mitigate cost-related issues within their Kubernetes environments.

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Breakout #2

Dealing with "Commitment" Issues

As businesses increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud or expand their existing cloud infrastructure, the expenses associated with cloud infrastructure, storage, and data processing have become a significant portion of their overall expenditures. To help bring down the cloud costs, providers often offer special discounted rates against on-demand costs to the customers. These commitments are mostly in the form of RI (Reserved Instances) or SPs (Savings Plan).

This session will focus on how to leverage the power of AI and ML to manage these commitments. The panelists will discuss tools and strategies that focus on managing your commitments for optimal performance and mitigating the problems associated with manual management of commitments.

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Breakout #3

Don't Be A Cloud Cost Chump. AI Can Make You A Savings Champ

As cloud environments grow in complexity, traditional cost management approaches often struggle to keep pace, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditures. Which is why we wanted to discuss the transformative potential of leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to revolutionize cloud cost management strategies.

This session will shed light on the limitations of manual cost management approaches and highlight the advantages of leveraging AI's ability to process vast amounts of data, detect anomalies, and provide actionable insights in real-time. Attendees will also gain a deep understanding of how AI and ML can be harnessed to gain unprecedented visibility into cloud spending patterns, identify cost optimization opportunities, and drive proactive, data-driven decision-making.

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Closing Keynote

Is My Cloud Bill Trying to Tell Me Something? Decoding the Future of FinOps

As cloud computing continues to reshape the technology landscape, organizations are facing unprecedented challenges in managing the financial complexities associated with their cloud investments. Enter FinOps – a rapidly evolving discipline that combines financial accountability with cloud operations. With that said, we wanted to evaluate the latest trends and future developments shaping the FinOps paradigm, providing attendees with a forward-looking perspective on this critical domain.

Panelists will explore the driving forces behind the FinOps movement, including the need for greater transparency, cost optimization, and alignment between technology and business objectives. The session will also shed light on how FinOps principles and practices are being adopted across industries, enabling organizations to maximize the value of their cloud investments while mitigating financial risks.

Strategies to Slay Your Cloud Spend

July 31, 2024   |   Virtual