Confidently Deploy Features with Velocity and Control

Ship features 60% faster and reduce deployment risk with the control and governance enterprises require – all without breaking things, even while in production.

Harness Feature Flags can help you:

  • Ship Features 60% Faster With Less Risk In Production. Avoid common feature release pitfalls by maturing your feature management. 
  • Automate feature releases. Model your release workflow, decide which users should get the feature and when, and hit ship. Harness handles the rest.
  • Create a great developer experience. Manage flags as code using GitOps and YAML and never leave your preferred dev workflow.
  • Take the stress out of releasing new features. Never worry about production rollbacks, dependency downtime, passing compliance checks, or scaling up. We’ve got you covered.

By linking Jira with Harness Feature Flags, teams can now gain more control by having increased visibility to the information that is tied to any feature flag on both Harness and Jira. This allows the speed of collaboration between teams and organizations to increase as they are now able to safely release features while using whichever platform works best for them.

If you’re interested in integrating your Atlassian and Harness Feature Flag workflows, you may be eligible to receive up to 50% off your first year of Harness Feature Flags.

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Harness Feature Flags has enabled us to implement true CI/CD. We’re shortening our commit-to-production time by 3x, releasing features to customers faster and more safely than we could before.

Sam Hall | Head of Technology | Metrikus

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