Chaos Starts Where Testing Ends
Cloud native, cost effective Chaos Engineering platform that enables you to get started in minutes, not days.

Software reliability doesn't have to be a choice. Use Harness Chaos Engineering to automate and continuously improve software reliability and keep your customers and development teams happy.

  • Change your out of date disaster recovery testing to continuous disaster recovery verification. Validate your APIs, caches, databases, message brokers and network can withstand common failures as well as ensure your resilience mechanisms work when 3rd party outages happen.
  • Train your on-call engineering teams on real world system failures so they feel confident and prepared to respond.
  • Proactively find reliability issues before your code hits production. Validate your system is ready to meet the peak demands from your customer.
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Harness Chaos Engineering lets us easily incorporate simple chaos experiments into already existing clusters. Since it provides native Kubernetes support, it's easy to understand and modify.

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