Eliminate Data Toil and Reduce MTTR

Automating SRE processes

Most companies have multiple monitoring and observability tools. That's great for data, but it takes a long time to dig through when trying to find the root cause of an app issue. Wouldn't it be great if there was a solution built for SREs that collected data from all these tools and helped you find the root cause in minutes? Well, now there is.

The Harness Service Reliability Management module helps you continuously improve reliability by improving your insight into issues that cause disruptions.

We've created this 2-minute video to show you this functionality in Harness Service Reliability Management (SRM). Check it out and learn how Harness can help you confidently deliver software with velocity – without compromising quality, reliability, security or efficiency.

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We don’t want to go into production if our SLOs are saying that we have violated our error budget threshold. If we see error budgets get depleted in production after rollout, we want an automated rollback or occur.

- Fortune 500 Technology Company

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