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As 2023 has quickly been dubbed the year of business efficiency, let’s face it: your engineering processes aren’t just inefficient, they’re broken. While it may seem as though the DevOps “revolution” has failed to live up to its promises, the truth is that the journey is ongoing, and technology leaders have a pivotal role to play in the next leg of it.

As companies look to be more efficient in every way and place possible, engineering leaders can drive change by saying farewell to overly complex, bloated, and brittle toolchains.

Engineering will drive efficiency end-to-end by consolidating toolchains and unifying functionality — from a developer’s code to cloud costs.

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We were facing the prospect of re-writing our deployments from scratch, stringing together a bunch of scripts and CLI stuff, or choosing Harness which ended up saving us $1.2 million in CI/CD maintenance.

Jeff Green, CTO, Tyler Technologies

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