Feature Management That Gives You Speed & Control

Ship Features 60% Faster With Less Risk

Unblock Dev, DevOps, and Product teams - and get more control and higher quality in the process.

  • From simple toggles to complex, automated Flag-based Pipelines with scheduling, approvals, and machine learning-based verifications that increase pace while reducing risk.
  • Integrates with CI/CD, policy management, global governance, auditing, role-based access controls, and pipelines.
  • Secure architecture including real-time flag updates allow you to quickly release features.

No more paranoia, late nights, rollbacks, and endless waiting for everyone else.

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Harness Feature Flags has enabled us to implement true CI/CD. We’re shortening our commit-to-production time by 3x, releasing features to customers faster and more safely than we could before.

Sam Hall | Head of Technology | Metrikus

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