Next-Level Resource Efficiency is Now Attainable

Technology leaders now have the power to increase product velocity while maximizing engineering resources.

You’ve always known that engineering isn’t an inefficient cost center. Now, you have the data to prove it. With innovative new technology, you can benchmark performance, see what your teams are working on, where they’re getting stuck, and how it aligns with the business. All this helps you shave costs, move faster and become more effective, with fewer resources.

The modern engineering organization can drive engineering resource efficiency by:

  • Accelerating speed to market on a minimalist budget using actionable insights 
  • Quickly spotting bottlenecks and confidently taking action based on data insights
  • Understanding exactly what engineering teams are working on and where, optimizing  engineering resource allocations
  • Automating away the undesirable toil of DevOps and engineering teams
  • Building in security throughout the entire SDLC

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Our environment was heavily under-optimized, but we've seen a 60 to 70% cost savings without any hassle for our infrastructure management teams.

Dheemanth R, CTO, Discover Dollar

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