Deliver great customer experiences by ensuring reliability of new software releases

Continuously improve the reliability of application services with Harness

Harness has released 2 new modules designed to help you deliver highly reliable software as you increase feature velocity. Harness Service Reliability Management helps your team set reliability targets, actively manages software delivery pipelines, and automatically identifies areas for improvement. Harness Chaos Engineering helps you to proactively find reliability issues before your code hits production. Validate your system is ready to meet the peak demands from your customers.

  • Govern software delivery pipelines using automated reliability guardrails.
  • Understand the impact of every change on service reliability.
  • Rapidly detect and diagnose application exceptions at every stage of the SDLC.
  • Change your out of date disaster recovery testing to continuous disaster recovery verification. Validate your APIs, caches, databases, message brokers and network can withstand common failures as well as ensure your resilience mechanisms work when 3rd party outages happen.

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We don’t want to go into production if our SLOs are saying that we have violated our error budget threshold. If we see error budgets get depleted in production after rollout, we want an automated rollback or occur.

- Fortune 500 Technology Company

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