SLOs & Error Budgets That Automatically Govern the Software Delivery Process

Continuously improve the reliability of application services with intelligent SLO-management

It’s time for a new breed of SLO-management where SLO data is used to automatically govern software delivery pipelines instead of using slack messages and email. With Harness SRM you’ll be able to quickly and easily scale SLO-management across all services, implement reliability guardrails, perform rapid root cause analysis, automate deployment verification and rollback, as well as improve the reliability of services quickly.

  • Govern software delivery pipelines using automated reliability guardrails.
  • Understand the impact of every change on service reliability.
  • Rapidly detect and diagnose application exceptions at every stage of the SDLC.

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Problems that used to take multiple weeks to repair can be identified and fixed quickly, improving the overall reliability of our systems. Harness' SLO and Error Budget capabilities will help us avoid SLA violations and penalties, alerting service owners to potential issues, so they can take action.

- Martin Reynolds, Head of DevOps and IaaS, Advanced

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