Harness STO Enables Developers to Deliver Highly Secure Applications, Accelerate Deployment Velocity and Minimize Rework

Governance policies and guardrails along every stage of the Ci/CD pipeline

Harness STO integrates with leading security scanners and via an intelligent Orchestration Engine normalizes, dedupes, prioritizes and provides actionable remediation recommendations to reduce the burden on engineering.

  • Governance Policies Based on the Open Policy Agent (OPA) providing governance through "Policy As Code."
  • Developer First remediation, automatically identifying security vulnerabilities and empowering developers  earlier in the SDLC.
  • Enterprise dashboards & reports for ensuring critical security issues never make it to production.

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Harness STO is purpose-built to enable engineering and DevSecOps teams to deliver highly secure applications at high velocity. By automating the scanning, analysis, and prioritization that otherwise slows down the engineering team, Harness STO makes it possible to create and enforce application security policies for a single service or across the whole organization.

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