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Automating Your Source of Truth

GitOps and Terraform

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The GitOps movement is marching towards wider spread adoption. Plain and simple, your source of truth is in your SCM repo. Now authors can enforce standards such as drift detection and self-healing of the declarative states of deployments. Though with this level of automation, a paradox appears.

How do you go about automating the automation going from day zero to day one then eventually to day two onwards?

In this webinar, learn from experts on how this new paradox can be a challenge and how Harness can help you automate your automation.

  • Rise in GitOps and the automation paradox. 
  • Harness’s approach on GitOps.
  • Integrating GitOps and Terraform together, to automate the source of truth.

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Date and Time

September 28, 2023

10:00am - 11:00pm PST


Mark Ramm, Director of Product Management

Nick Lotz, Developer Advocate

Ravi Lachhman, Senior Manager Product

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