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July 31, 2024  |  Virtual

Strategies to Slay 
Your Cloud Spend

DevOps Modernization

Upgrade your software delivery with Harness' innovative CI/CD, Feature Flags, Infrastructure as Code Management, and Chaos Engineering tools.

Learn about CI/CD

Continuous Delivery & GitOps

Fully automate pipelines for multi-cloud, multi-region, and multi-service software deployments.

Learn about builds

Continuous Integration

Build 4x faster with any source code, in any language, and on any operating system.

Learn about release management

Feature flags

Confidently release new features with embedded guardrails and quality checks.

Learn about resilience management

Chaos Engineering

Discover how your applications stand up to real-world failure scenarios with over 150 out-of-the box or bring-your-own experiments embedded in your pipelines.

Learn about infrastructure provisioning

Infrastructure as Code Management

Securely scale your Terraform and OpenTofu infrastructure changes with reusable pipeline templates, cost-controls, and preemptive policy enforcement.


Definitive Guide to DevOps Modernization

Discover how to empower your application teams to improve speed, governance, and security, to deliver a better user experience while meeting evolving customer needs.

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Improve Developer Experience

Leverage automation and insights to improve developer productivity and achieve engineering excellence.

Set up a developer portal

Internal Developer Portal

Accelerate developer onboarding from months to hours with a low effort enterprise-grade IDP built on top of Backstage.

Integrate faster with Code Repo

Code Repository

Securely host private Git repositories and collaborate on Code with advanced access controls and governance.

Learn about data-driven engineering

Software Engineering Insights

Discover and fix bottlenecks across people, process, and tooling by leveraging frameworks like DORA and SPACE.


Definitive Guide to Developer Experience

This ebook will help you understand the combination of experiences, skill sets, and mindsets required to enable your company realize greater benefits sooner.

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Secure Software Delivery

Integrate security throughout the delivery pipeline to ensure software supply chain integrity - without slowing down development velocity.

Learn about inline security testing

Security Testing Orchestration

Shift-left and automatically orchestrate security scans throughout your CI/CD pipeline with 40+ security scanner integrations and OPA policies.

Learn about artifact integrity

Software Supply Chain Assurance

Identify and remediate zero-day vulnerabilities identified in production artifacts, and generate SBOMs for regulatory compliance and SLSA Level 3 requirements.


Definitive Guide to Secure Software Delivery

Download this ebook and learn how to simplify identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities early on while meeting regulatory obligations

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Cloud Cost Optimization

Eliminate waste, improve financial visibility, and implement proper cost tracking in the cloud.

Reduce your cloud bill

up to

Explore Cloud Cost Governance

Cost Governance

Automate reserved instance purchasing, spot orchestration, and commitment orchestration.

Cloud Cost Reporting Benefits

Cost Reporting

Continuously optimize cloud spend by enforcing cloud cost policies and compliance at scale.

Automate Cloud Cost Savings

Cost Optimization

Automatically identify and turn off idle cloud resources and restart on-demand to minimize costly redundant infrastructure.


Definitive Guide to Cloud Cost Optimization

Discover how to get your engineers to implement proper cost tracking and optimization tools and adopt best practices to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Meet Harness AIDA - AI Development Assistant

The Harness platform leverages AI across the software delivery lifecycle: code, build and test, secure, deploy, manage costs, and ensure resilience.

Learn more about code generation

Code with AI

Swiftly pinpoint root causes, correlate errors, receive clear remediation steps, and ensure code stability and integrity to optimize your build and deployment processes.

Learn about AI security policies

Secure with AI

Quickly identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, steamline remediation, and create customized OPA policies without manual effort.



Seamlessly deploy the entire Harness platform or separate best-in-class modules into your current environment with built-in integrations. No manual scripting or maintenance.

Hear from our customers

See why hundreds of DevOps and engineering teams trust Harness to automate processes, reduce manual interventions, and consolidate tools.

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Citi improves software delivery performance with Harness

Harness CD lets us release each change within minutes of a pull request being merged. Running all the necessary tests and scans during the pipeline gives us the confidence to do this.

Stefanos Piperoglou
Technical Program Manager, Citi Bank

United Airlines Accelerates Deployments by 75% With Harness

By choosing Harness for CI and CD, we were able to give the governance policies to the developers and create the guardrails we needed. Harness gives us a platform rather than just a DevOps tool.

Ratna Devarapalli
Director of IT - Architecture, Platform Engineering & DevOps

Ancestry adds consistency and governance to cut downtime and systems onboarding effort

Harness now empowers Ancestry to implement new features once and then automatically extend those across every pipeline, representing an 80-to-1 reduction in developer effort.

Ken Angell
Principal Architect, Ancestry

Ulta Beauty Speeds Time-to-Market By Easing and Accelerating Deployments

Time-to-market for our eCommerce platform was a huge benefit of Harness. We saved months of time. Months. Harness really came through in a big way for that project.

Michael Alderson
Principal Cloud Architect, Ulta