Control Cloud costs with Intelligent Automation

Automate and save up to 70% on your cloud bill.
Gain insights into detailed unit-level cloud costs.

Automate and save up to 70% on your cloud bill. Gain insights into detailed unit-level cloud costs.

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Cost Reporting

Attribute & Manage Costs with Granular Visibility

Simplify hierarchical cost attribution for chargeback and show-back. Allocate shared and complex resource costs. Reuse team, department, BU definitions across reports.

Features: Perspectives and Cost Categories

How to Get Your Engineers to Care About Costs

Discover how to get your engineers to implement proper cost tracking and optimization tools and adopt best practices to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Cost Optimization

Automated Cost Optimization: Dynamic Idle Resource Detection & Remediation

Automatically shut down idle cloud resources when inactive, bring them back when activity is detected saving up to 70%.

Feature: Cloud AutoStoppingTM

Cost Governance

Manage Cloud Assets with Governance-As-Code

Automated governance-as-code with cost, security, and compliance policies. Right-size under-utilized resources and clean up unused ones for any cloud, resource, and action. AI-powered policy generation with Harness AIDA.

Feature: Cloud Asset Governance



Trusted by DevOps and Developers

By choosing Harness for CI and CD, we were able to give the governance policies to the developers and create the guardrails we needed. Harness gives us a platform rather than just a DevOps tool.


"All developers in Synopsys have access to recommendations within Harness CCM. We recommend that developers use this information when deploying new microservices to the cloud. This is what makes this cloud cost management tool a game changer for us as we balance the speed of innovation with its cost."

Jim D’Agostino
Senior DevOps Engineer


“We understand now, when we run this environment for five days, this is what the cost is. So now I'm going to run it for three days or I'm going to power it off when I don't need it. Cloud Cost Management helps us immensely.”

Will Adams
Manager, Cloud Support at Carvana

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