Feature Flags

How Do I Start Using Feature Flags?

Let's dive into how your team can start implementing feature flags into your software delivery lifecycle.

Erlang and Elixir SDK Now Available in Harness Feature Flags

We are proud to announce the GA release of our Erlang and Elixir software development kit (SDK).

How Embedding Feature Flags in Engineering Culture Prevents Bad Habits

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of incorporating feature flags as a cultural shift in your development teams and some common misconceptions about their implementation.

Feature Flags Policy Governance Tutorial

In this post, we go in depth to teach you all about the Feature Flags’ policy governance: architecture, use cases, data available to utilize, and more.

Creating an Open Standard for Feature Flags

Harness is excited to announce our participation in OpenFeature, a new open source project that establishes a standard for feature flag management.

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