Get to know Harness

Harness aims to enable every software engineering team in the world to deliver code reliably, efficiently and quickly to their users.

Launched in San Francisco
$425 M

Our Mission

At the core of our mission lies a deep commitment to empowering software engineering teams worldwide. We are dedicated to providing the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for these teams to excel in their work. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way software is developed, ensuring that every team, regardless of their size or location, can deliver code with utmost reliability, efficiency, and speed.

Harness’s mission is to enable the 30 million software developers in the world to deliver code to their users quickly, reliably and efficiently.

Meet our Executive Team


Harness was spun out of BIG Labs, a startup studio designed to solve hard technology problems and build enduring companies. Harness has raised $425M of venture capital from top-tier investors.

Our offices around the globe

San Francisco
55 Stockton Street, Floor 8, San Francisco CA 94108
26 Throgmorton Street, 4th floor, London EC2N 2AN
Weaving Works, 1st floor, 11 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast BT2 8YB
Mountain View
444 Castro Street, Suite 1200, Mountain View CA 94041
USCE Business Center, 19th Floor, 6 Mihaila Pupina Boulevard, Belgrade 11070
24th Main Rd, Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka  560102
2525 McKinnon Street, Suite 650, Dallas TX 75201
New york city
1450 Broadway Floor 11, New York, NY