Our Mission

We are here to ensure satisfaction and deliver happiness for our end users by enabling and helping them leverage the Harness platform for simplifying their entire Software Delivery Process.

Where are we located?

We use a follow-the-sun model to provide support to our customers around the globe. Our engineers are located in the US, Brazil, Germany and India.

Who can get support

We provide support to all paying customers and prospects during an active Proof of Value (POV). The guaranteed response time is based on whether an advanced support plan was purchased.

How is the support eligibility determined?

The email domain of the individual who creates the support request must match the email domain of an organization with a valid Harness subscription, or active POV.

Trial accounts are not eligible for support without an active Proof of Value trial established with a Harness sales executive.

Can free accounts access Harness Support?

Accounts with free subscriptions are eligible for the community support tier. For more details, see Harness Support definitions.

Support escalation

For any support ticket escalation if issue remains outstanding even after escalating in the ticket itself, please reach out to CX Leadership by mailing us at cx-escalation@harness.io.

Service Level

Service Level Harness Support is available 9 to 5 pacific standard time, during Harness workdays.
24x7x365 support is available as part of the premier support package. For details, see support tiers and definitions.

How to contact Harness support

The best way to create a support ticket is from within the Harness platform by clicking the

A. “Help” button

help button

B. Followed by “Submit a ticket”.

submit a ticket

Other options are:

1. By sending email to support@harness.io. This is the best option if you have a login issue, or if you are using Harness products on-prem.

2. From the Harness Support portal (https://support.harness.io/hc/en-us/requests). Notice that a Harness login is required.

3. From your Harness customer slack channel (created by your CSM).
Just add the Ticket emoji            

Phone and video support

Harness Support does not include in-bound phone or video support. For customers with a premier support plan, the Harness Support engineer, at their discretion, may offer a call to provide faster assistance and to collect information.While the final decision is in the support engineer's hands, customers with Premier support should ask for a call if they feel that it is needed.

If a call is needed, we will send you a link to a scheduling page to pick a time that is best for you to meet. Let us know (via the support ticket) if the options are not compatible with your schedule or time zone, and we’ll find another engineer who is compatible with your needs.

Video support options

We support meetings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If these are not supported by your organization, it is the customer's responsibility to provide the meeting infrastructure.

Community Support

Harness users without an active subscription or POV can get support by reaching out to the Harness community via Slack.
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