Unlocking Engineering Excellence

Leveraging Data and Intelligence to propel Engineering Outcomes

Optimizing planning, alignment and execution

Improve planning and predictability

Enhance sprint predictability and oversight

Utilize scorecards and dashboards to improve sprint predictability

Identify anomalies and unplanned work, such as missing story points

Unlock Intelligence to enhance product management

Control project scope and delivery

Assess the on-time delivery of new features and changes

Effectively reduce project scope creep to ensure projects stay on track

Align your engineering efforts to
business outcomes

Resource allocation analysis

Ensure engineering resources are aligned with business requirements

Get a comprehensive breakdown of resource allocation (features, bugs, debt)

Strategic business focus

Evaluate alignment with business plans and objectives

Identify and mitigate wasteful or unplanned engineering work

Supercharge your execution

Boost developer productivity

Utilize the Harness Trellis Framework for insights into developer productivity

Generate a composite report highlighting opportunities for your team

Unlocking efficiency

Leverage DORA to gain actionable insights into process bottlenecks

Realize quick value through the widget library included in Software Engineering Insights


Trusted by DevOps and Developers

Hundreds of DevOps and engineering teams are powered by Harness to become elite performers in velocity, quality, efficiency, and governance.


We’ve seen incredible improvement in engineering productivity. The technology automates our KPIs and removes bottlenecks, reducing our developers’ task burden by 30% in certain areas, enabling them to focus on more rewarding work.

Joe Chen
VP of Engineering