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How Harness supercharges
your developer experience

Build fast and ship frequently

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Next Generation CI/CD

4x Faster Builds

One-click deployments

Fully automated pipelines

AI/ML driven deployment verification

Integrate security at every step

Shift Left Security

Aggregate security scans in CI/CD pipelines

Vulnerability de-duplication & prioritization

AI/ML driven vulnerability remediation

SBOM orchestration & SLSA attestation

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Improve resilience and quality

Improve resilience and quality graphic

Continuous Resilience

Automated SLO management

Chaos engineering for resilience testing

Quality gates in pipelines

AI/ML driven change impact analysis

Release features confidently

Feature Management

Manage flags with GitOps experience

Build Feature Flag pipelines

Manage Flag Tech-Debt

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Release features confidently graphic

Accelerate developer onboarding

Platform Engineering

IDP for service catalog & scorecards

Rapid onboarding with golden paths

Built on Open Source - Backstage

Drive cost & process efficiency

Cost & Process Optimization

Cloud cost insights

Actionable intelligence across the SDLC

Automatically stop idle resources

OOTB DORA, planning, and execution metrics

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Harness AIDA™

AI Development Assistant

Leverage AI across the software delivery lifecycle: code, build and test, secure, deploy, manage costs, and ensure resilience.

Engineering excellence platform for the enterprise

Hundreds of DevOps and engineering teams are powered by Harness to become elite performers in velocity, quality, efficiency, and governance.

Citi improves software delivery performance with Harness

Harness CD lets us release each change within minutes of a pull request being merged. Running all the necessary tests and scans during the pipeline gives us the confidence to do this.

Stefanos Piperoglou, Technical Program Manager, Citi

United Airlines Accelerates Deployments by 75% With Harness

By choosing Harness for CI and CD, we were able to give the governance policies to the developers and create the guardrails we needed. Harness gives us a platform rather than just a DevOps tool.

Ratna Devarapalli, Director of IT - Architecture, Platform Engineering & DevOps

Ancestry adds consistency and governance to cut downtime and systems onboarding effort

Harness now empowers Ancestry to implement new features once and then automatically extend those across every pipeline, representing an 80-to-1 reduction in developer effort.

Ken Angell, Principal Architect, Ancestry