Continuous Resilience™

Discover how your applications stand up to real-world failure scenarios. Gain insights to construct a resilient system that minimizes downtime and saves on costs.

Discover how your applications stand up to real-world failure scenarios.

What is Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering enables teams to identify weaknesses & potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos tests in a controlled way.

Increase System Resilience

Evolve system resilience to make your business predictable

Optimise Cost

Prioritize innovation over incident response, enabling feature creation.

Better Customer Experience

Proactively build resilience to ensure your users do not experience downtime

Faster incident report time

Embed reliability in delivery, promoting successful tech adoption

Why Harness Chaos Engineering?

Free developers from time-consuming, unnecessary processes that
slow your work, so you and your team can focus on creating.

Industry’s  widest coverage on Chaos Faults™

Extensive Coverage

Our comprehensive chaos engineering platform offers the most extensive coverage of potential faults in your systems, enabling you to identify and rectify weak points, leading to a better and faster user experience.

Strengthen Systems

With our platform, you gain a deeper understanding of your system's vulnerabilities, allowing you to proactively address potential issues before they impact your users, resulting in improved overall system performance.

Fully automated
journey to resilience

Effortless Automation

Our platform provides a fully automated journey to resilience, where you can seamlessly implement chaos engineering practices into your workflow without the need for extensive manual intervention.

Maximized Efficiency

By automating the chaos engineering process, you save valuable time and resources, allowing your team to focus on developing innovative features and products while ensuring your systems are robust and reliable.

Seamless Chaos Experimentation in Pipelines

Full SDLC Coverage

Integrate chaos experiments effortlessly into your development and deployment pipelines, ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed at every stage of your software delivery process.

Out of the Box Integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing CI/CD pipelines, enabling you to conduct chaos experiments in a controlled manner, guaranteeing that your applications can withstand real-world challenges.

ChaosGuard for easy scaling

Policy Driven

Our platform offers robust security governance measures, ensuring that your chaos engineering practices adhere to the highest security standards, enabling you to scale without compromising on safety

Controlled Testing

With our security governance features, you can confidently expand your chaos engineering initiatives across your organization, promoting a culture of resilience and innovation while maintaining the utmost data protection and privacy.

Get onboard to the resilience
journey today

Discover how your applications stand up to real-world failure scenarios. Gain insights to construct a resilient system that minimizes downtime and saves on costs.


We aim to build a community to help build a world without downtime


Achieving Continuous Resilience with Harness Chaos Engineering

Introducing the continuous resilience approach. Understand the modern approach to practicing chaos engineering where the efforts to build resilience are inserted into all stages of your software development life cycle through automated chaos experiments.

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The Chaos Engineering
Maturity Model

Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud-native deployments as a means to increase developer velocity. The rapid adoption of the cloud environment, including Kubernetes, has created significant complexity and revealed the inadequacy of traditional systems testing.

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The Business Value of Reliability-Driven Software Delivery

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How Chaos Engineering Strengthens Your Disaster Recovery Plan

“Hope is not a strategy.” This quote embodies the core philosophy of chaos engineering. We can’t just sit around and hope that our business never experiences a costly service disruption. It’s essential to act now and prepare for the worst by adding chaos chaos engineering to your disaster recovery (DR) testing.

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The Top Chaos Engineering Tools

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Powered by Open Source Litmus

CNCF Hosted

Chaos experiments that are needed for a quick start in Chaos Engineering.

Chaos Observability

Litmus includes Prometheus metrics that can help measure the impact of chaos on the applications real time.

Chaos Experiments

50+ chaos faults to test system reliability.

Kubernetes Excellence

Experiments function with standard operators, CRDs, and YAML configuration that k8s users are familiar with already.

Chaos Engineering