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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Developer?

“Developer” means each person who contributes to code development, deployment, security, maintenance, optimization or any other technical activities related to software code, that is managed with Harness.

How does Harness count Developers?

For some Harness modules such as Code Repository & Internal Developer Portal, developers are the end users and hence are the consumers of developer licenses directly. For some other modules such as CD & GitOps, developer licenses include consumption entitlements such as Services by default. Customers can subscribe to additional consumption entitlements if needed. For more details, refer to the Subscriptions & Licenses page on Harness Developer Hub.

What is the difference between Startup and Enterprise plans?

Harness offers all of its modules as an Enterprise Plan, and are designed to bring strong functional capabilities, visibility, control and governance for your enterprise needs. Startup Pricing offers the same product at a discounted price, enabling startups to get started with Harness and grow into our Enterprise offerings over time.

Am I eligible for Startup pricing?

To be eligible for Startup Pricing, your organization must be less than 500 employees. Note that Harness allows only to a maximum of 100 Developer Licenses, or less than $5M in cloud spend for Cloud Cost Management, to be purchased on Startup Pricing.

How do I buy on Monthly billing?

Monthly billing is only available through in-product purchase made via Credit Cards - currently only supported for our Continuous Integration & Feature Flags modules, and coming to many more soon.

Do I get all 12 modules, when I buy Harness Enterprise plan?

Harness believes in flexibility, and ensuring that our customers pay only for modules that they need, aligning with the maturity of your Software Delivery Lifecycle. You can choose one, more or all of Harness Modules under the Enterprise plan.

I need a Self-Managed Platform that I can host - does Harness support this?

Yes, Harness offers Enterprise Plan for the following modules in Self-Managed Platform (SMP) form factor - Chaos Engineering, Cloud Cost Management, Continuous Delivery & GitOps, Continuous Integration, Feature Flags & Security Test Orchestration. Note that Enterprise Plan is the only way to get any of these modules as SMP.

What are Cloud Credits?

Harness allows the flexibility of choosing where you run your compute to execute builds, run security scans, etc. You can either host and manage your own compute, or if you prefer, you can run on the Harness Cloud (in which case the compute is hosted and managed by Harness). Harness Free Plan comes with 2000 Cloud Credits per Month, which offers an easy and intuitive way to get started with Harness. Learn more about Harness Cloud here.