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April 20, 2023
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Erlang and Elixir SDK Now Available in Harness Feature Flags


We are proud to announce the GA software release of our Erlang and Elixir software development kit (SDK), enabling developers to more easily build scalable and fault-tolerant distributed applications. Erlang and Elixir are popular programming languages for fintech, security, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), telecom, and infrastructure companies. 

Erlang is known for its concurrency, reliability, and fault tolerance, making it an ideal language for building distributed systems. Elixir provides a modern and intuitive syntax that makes it easy to build on top of Erlang. For these reasons, they are commonly used together.

If you’re in the market to build this kind of system and leverage feature flags to do it, this is for you. Let’s get started with the Erlang and Elixir SDK!

Get Started With Erlang and Elixir For Feature Flags

Existing Harness Feature Flag users can expect the same support and performance that they’re used to from other open-source Harness Feature Flag SDKs. If you’re already familiar with any of the other SDKs supported by Harness Flags Flags, the same patterns and use cases apply. If you’re not familiar with them already, then our docs will guide you through the process.

To start using Erlang and Elixir for your own feature flags, check out the Erlang SDK Reference. This guide will walk you through how to get a hold of the SDK, how to initialize, and how to create your first feature flag.

Getting Your First Feature Flag Into Production

Using the Erlang and Elixir SDK in your code is only half of the equation. While it’s critical to ensure the SDK is working as expected, wrapping your features or changes in a flag inside your codebase is the first of two steps you need to take to have a fully functional feature toggle.

The second step is creating the flag in the Harness app. Once both pieces are done, you’ll be ready to roll out your feature flag and achieve everything from progressive delivery to faster deployment. If you need additional help, you can either follow the in-app wizard, or you can check out the Getting Started documentation.

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Happy flagging!

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