New: Manage code repo security posture

Manage Devops Toolchain Security Posture And Govern OSS Dependencies

Manage repo security posture, monitor and control open source dependencies, generate comprehensive Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) for enhanced visibility, and guarantee software integrity in accordance with SLSA and Executive Order 14028 requirements.

New: Manage code repo security posture

Manage code repo security posture

Code repositories are often susceptible to compromise due to over-privileged user access, misconfigurations, and other vulnerabilities. Harness SSCA enables you to harden your repos with confidence, starting with automated scans that pinpoint security issues, and comply with industry standards.

Secure Repositories

Generate Repo-based SBOMs and easily identify code dependencies and vulnerabilities

Meet industry-standard compliance reporting

Expertly manage risks by identifying and resolving security issues against CIS, OWASP TOP-10 (CI/CD, OSS) & SLSA frameworks. Demonstrate compliance through detailed reporting

Methodically Track Remediation

Use the SSCA module’s detailed tracker to ensure issues leading to lower compliance scores are effectively remediated

Generate SBOM

SBOM Orchestration and Management

The Software Supply Chain Assurance (SSCA) module offers customers the flexibility to use their preferred tools for generating Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in both CycloneDX and SPDX formats. Moreover, it empowers users to sign and attest SBOMs using their private keys, ensuring secure storage and sharing with software consumers.

SBOM Generation

Automatically generate Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs) with every build

SBOM Attestation

Attest every SBOM for integrity and authenticity

Tool Flexibility

Use your favorite tool to generate SBOMs

Definitive Guide to DevSecOps

Discover how to empower your application teams to improve speed, governance, and security, to deliver a better user experience while meeting evolving customer needs.

Comprehensive Visibility

Visibility & Control Over Open Source Software

With approximately 80% of a typical software relying on open source software, the SSCA module offers deep visibility into the usage of these components across all artifacts and their deployments. Further, it enables users to enforce policies by granting or restricting the use of components based on their name, version, license, supplier, and PURL.

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive visibility into open-source components used in your artifacts and their deployment status

Policy Enforcement

Define and enforce policies to prevent use of harmful and risky open-source components

License Governance

Govern the usage of open-source licenses in your software

instant remediation

Instantly remediate Zero-Day vulnerabilities

The Remediation Workflow in SSCA module uses contextual insights from Harness Platform to streamline the response to zero-day vulnerabilities by providing accurate assessment of the impact, and tools to notify owners, track progress, and to generate compliance reports.

Accurate Impact Assessment

Get instant and accurate view of impacted artifacts and deployments

Notify Owners

Generate tickets and notifications for owners with remediation recommendations

Track Progress

Track the remediation progress & Generate compliance reports

Artifact Integrity

Ensure Software Integrity using SLSA

SSCA ensures the integrity of software by generating and verifying attestations (provenance) in alignment with SLSA V1.0 specifications, assuring software consumers that the received software remains unaltered and tamper-free from its original state as produced by software producers.

Generate Provenance

Generate provenance as per SLSA V1.0 specifications for every build

Verify Provenance

Verify provenance before deployment for assurance

Hardened Build

Hardened build system to prevent tampering in your build process

Secure your software supply chain.

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