Service Reliability Management

Deploy Faster With Better Reliability

Your business doesn’t need to choose between deployment velocity or the reliability needs of a production-quality environment - get the benefits of both.

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We don’t want to go into production if our SLOs are saying that we have violated our error budget threshold. If we see error budgets get depleted in production after rollout, we want an automated rollback or occur.

- Fortune 500 Technology Company

Improve Reliability

Automatically run the right checks at the right stages of the pipeline (shift-left reliability) to deliver software faster with the confidence that it will be reliable

SLO-Driven Pipeline Governance

Reliability guardrails ensure that your best developers continue to deliver highly reliable software at high velocity while putting guardrails in place for other developers or sensitive projects.

Collaborative SLO Management

When development, deployment, and reliability teams define SLOs together, everyone wins. Say goodbye to finger-pointing, arguing about SLOs and Error Budget, and surprise deployment stoppages.

Welcome to the world of:

Collaborative Pipeline Governance
Transparency Across Organization
Balance Between Velocity and Reliability

Find and Fix All the Errors - Fast

Native Error Tracking automatically identifies all errors across all stages of development and provides full debugging details.
Never promote execution errors into production again.

Find & Fix All Errors Before Prod

Limit the blast radius of new and critical runtime exceptions.

Deploy Higher Quality Software

Continuously improve quality to increase delivery velocity and reliability

Improve Both Velocity and Reliability

Reliability checks make it easy for teams to deliver faster with confidence

Why Harness SRM?

How It Works

Configure Monitoring and Observability Integrations

Harness applies AI and ML to observability data to determine if software is reliable

AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Collaboratively Define SLIs, SLOs, and Error Budgets

Evolve the relationship between engineering and reliability to where both teams work in harmony to deliver software faster with the confidence that it will be reliable

Add Reliability Guardrails to Pipeline Templates

Provides the consistency that organizations need to scale the reliability function

AI/ML-Driven Workflows
AI/ML-Driven Workflows

CI/CD Pipeline Reliability Checks

Ensures teams deliver software faster with the confidence that it will be reliable

Fix Reliability Issues Fast

Immediately understand what impacted reliability and fix it quickly using the information provided by Harness SRM

AI/ML-Driven Workflows

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