The Fort Knox of 
Source Code Management

AI-enabled for Developers,

Governance-enabled for Organizations

Why Harness Code Repository

AI-enhanced developer experience

Developers can use Harness AIDA to understand code and automate tasks.

Ensure Security and Governance

Organizations can set guardrails using security, governance, and policy-as-code features.

Seamless Migration

Zero learning curve and zero downtime by mirroring your current repositories.

AI-enhanced developer experience

Leverage generative AI to improve developer efficiency

Ask a question in natural language and let Harness AIDA retrieve source code that best answers your question.

Use the Harness AIDA Pull Request Summary Generation functionality to automatically create PR descriptions.

Use AIDA IDE extension to amplify developer productivity by leveraging the power of AI to autogenerate code, tests, and comments.

Top Notch Governance

Ensure every commit meets your organization’s security and compliance standards.

Scan for hard-coded secrets before the code is committed in the repository.

Scan for open source vulnerabilities before the code is committed in the repository.

Use granular RBAC to onboard developers quickly across SCM, CI, CD, and rest of SDLC.

Use OPA to enforce organization specific policies such as creating branch rules and code approvers.

Integrate across the Harness Platform
One-click mirroring and migrations

With a single click, automatically migrate and mirror code repositories from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more.

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