Security Testing Orchestration

Rapid Delivery of Secure Applications

Empower your devs with prioritized security vulnerability data - Deliver highly secure applications while maintaining deployment velocity and minimizing rework.

Harness STO supports our ability to secure software throughout the entire development lifecycle.

- Fortune 100 Aerospace Company

Security from Code to Deploy

Automatically run the right security scanners at the right stages of the pipeline (shift-left security) to deliver secure applications faster and minimize business risk.

Correlated Scanner Results

Harness performs the time-intensive scanner output analysis for your engineering team saving time and resulting in:
• Unified and prioritized vulnerability fix lists
• Automated remediation verification
• Tracked exemption lists

Save Hours of Manual Analysis Work

Harness STO makes sense out of the mountain of data collected by security scanners. STO applies intelligence to scanner data, resulting in prioritized vulnerability lists and remediation recommendations.

Standardized Security Policies

Use Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies, built into Harness, to ensure all desired application security scans are performed and achieve acceptable results. Consistent application security processes reduce the risk to your business.

Why Harness STO?

How It Works

Add Security Guardrails to Pipeline Templates

Provides the consistency that large organizations need to scale the application security function

AI/ML-Driven Workflows
AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Configure Security Policies

Risk tolerance can be tuned to ensure the right balance between velocity and delivery of highly secure application services

Configure Scanner Integrations

Start scanning during the code and build phases all the way through to production to ensure all layers comply with security policies

AI/ML-Driven Workflows
AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Run CI/CD Pipelines

Ensures teams deliver software faster with the confidence that it will be secure

Fix Security Vulnerabilities

Immediately understand which vulnerabilities to fix first and how to fix them

AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Application Security Scanner Integrations

Automatically invoke the top security scanners to quickly identify
and remediate security vulnerabilities within the layers of your complex applications.

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