Software Engineering Insights™

Improve Engineering Results with Data-Driven Decisions

Assess engineering team productivity, remove roadblocks, and automate processes to increase efficiency, improve developer experience, and deliver better customer outcomes.

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Engineering Outcomes Driven by Data

Gain actionable insight into the teams, processes, and systems that impact your software delivery.

Harness SEI aligns business and engineering

Boost Engineering Productivity

Identify bottlenecks to elevate performance and execution

Quickly spot bottlenecks in the SDLC that slow your delivery down and reduce time to value. DORA and SPACE Framework metrics help baseline every team to provide actionable insights that reduce friction and improve efficiency. This enables you to be more responsive to business needs and do more with less.

Improve Planning and Predictability

Reduce scope creep and deliver on time

Scorecards and dashboards highlight factors that impact sprint predictability, including anomalies and unplanned work — such as missing story points or anti-patterns (such as large stories) — that help you assess if new features and changes will be delivered to customers on time. Software Engineering Insights also improve product management and engineering collaboration, enabling best practices for product management hygiene and reducing scope creep.

Plan and predict with Harness SEI
Harness SEI unites business and engineering

Align Engineering and Business

Ensure resource allocation supports business demands

Validate that engineering resources are allocated according to business needs. Get a comprehensive breakdown of how time and resources have been invested across different categories (features, bugs, technical debt, etc.), evaluate how that aligns to business plans, and identify wasteful or unplanned work.

Automate R&D Cost Reporting

Streamline software capitalization data for finance teams

Create automatic reports with a single click to present engineering work categorized into capitalizable and non-capitalizable items.

Harness SEI reporting
We’ve seen incredible improvement in engineering productivity. The technology automates our KPIs and removes bottlenecks, reducing our developers’ task burden by 30% in certain areas, enabling them to focus on more rewarding work.

Joe Chen, VP of Engineering

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Adaptable, Flexible, Scalable

Harness SEI does more with less
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DORA Metrics & More

Industry-standard metrics out of the box

Automate KPIs and gain meaningful insights into resource allocation, deployments, developer experience, customer satisfaction, software quality, planning, sprint predictability, and more. This gives you a deep understanding of how each team is performing and what needs to be improved — enabling everyone to move faster and more productively.

Harness SEI has 40-plus integrations

40+ Integrations

Supporting enterprise environments with diverse toolchains

Confidently make data-driven decisions with complete and accurate reports drilling into each engineering team’s productivity with leading cloud and on-premise tool integrations, including GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Jira, PagerDuty, Azure, and many more. Custom plugins extend support to any third party solution.

Harness SEI automation

Low-Code Automation

Automated triggers reduce engineering toil

Drive continuous improvement by enforcing best practices with automation. Leverage our out-of-the-box templates to send automated reminders to improve data hygiene and process adherence. Our low-code, automated workflow engine is highly extensible to handle complex processes, improving developer experience.

Harness SEI templates

Comprehensive Reporting

Give everyone in your organization the data they need

Get started quickly with pre-built templates for every facet of engineering operations. Accelerate adoption enterprise-wide by rolling out dashboard templates to normalize reporting that incorporates best practices. Create custom reports using our extensible reporting tools.

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