Change Management

Meeting Federal Compliance Requirements with Policy-as-Code and Automated Change Management

With a broad number of compliance policies, how do federal IT shops ultimately implement, govern, and enforce them?

How to Use Version Control Systems to Deliver Better

Version Control improves how developers develop applications together. Learn how to use VCS and Git to deliver better in this blog post.

Breaking Down the Continuous Delivery Ecosystem

Achieving Continuous Delivery allows us to enable the DevOps lifecycle where we can continuously deliver value while empowering teams, reducing errors, and lowering stress.

Automating Enterprise Governance within Delivery Pipelines

Harness’s Continuous Delivery as a service platform can help heavily regulated industries manage their governance processes and attest to the integrity of delivery artifacts.

Business Continuity with your Software Delivery Pipelines

All of us are on this ship together. For regulated organizations, a Business Continuity Plan is legally required but for those who are not can start.

Metrics Based Process Mapping: How to improve your Software Delivery

Let's discuss how to improve your software delivery with a practice known as Metrics-Based Process Mapping.

ServiceNow for CI/CD Pipelines

Harness can manage multiple instances of ServiceNow and has complete role-based access control (RBAC) for separation of duties. Harness CD-as-a-Service.

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