Secure Software Delivery Done Right

Secure Artifacts from Build to Production

Shift security left without friction

Broad Scanner Support

Seamlessly integrate the open-source and commercial security scanners of your choice

One-Click Scanning

Orchestrate SAST, DAST, SCA and container scans throughout your pipeline in a single click

Comprehensive Visibility

Build a clear picture of application code issues early in the development process

Intelligently remediate
vulnerabilities with AIDA

Prioritized Vulnerabilities

Automatically deduplicate and prioritize vulnerabilities

AIDA Remediation

Get instant remediation recommendations using AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Development Assistance), allowing developers to fix issues without toil.

Govern Open-Source
components with confidence

Comprehensive Visibility

Get complete visibility into the usage of all open-source components in your software and track their deployment status

Enforce Governance

Implement policies to govern the usage of open-source components based on attributes such as Component Name, Version, License, Supplier or PURL

Ensure Artifact Integrity with SLSA Compliance

Generate Provenance

Establish trust by generating provenance in compliance with SLSA Level-3 v1.0 specification.

Verify Integrity

Verify SLSA provenance to confirm software integrity and safeguard against tampering before consumption


Build Secure Artifacts with Harness

Shift left and embed security into your supply chain with Harness Security Testing Orchestration (STO) and Software Supply Chain Assurance (SCCA) modules.


To make security easy for our team to integrate into our workflow, we’re leveraging the full suite of security tools from Harness – Security Testing Orchestration (STO), Software Supply Chain Assurance (SCCA) and Software Bill-of-Materials (SBOM) so that we know what’s in our software, the license implications of it, and what new threats have emerged. With it now bedded in, we can be confident that all work has these practices enforced.

Steve Gray
CEO, ZeroFlucs

Over 40 scanners and growing

We know that teams live and die by their tools. Harness integrates with, and orchestrates your entire stack.