Jenkins Struggles

Why It’s Time to Migrate from Jenkins to Drone CI

With so many CI tools on the market, knowing which one is best for your organization can be tricky. Let's discuss why Jenkins is not a suitable CI tool for modern enterprises and how you can migrate to Drone CI.

Comparing Harness and Jenkins

Jenkins is a CI solution that can be extended to CD. Harness provides both CI and CD modules. Master CI/CD with Harness.

Jenkins PTSD: How One Developer Ditched the Butler For Good

If Jenkins was created to solve the pain point of automating the CI process, why does it require so much scripting?

Jenkins X vs Harness - Filming my Journey

Oh ship another comparison! Jenkins X vs Harness. You don’t have to be a GitOps expert to leverage Harness. Don’t fight the double learning curve.

4 Reasons Your Jenkins Pipelines Are Brittle

In this article, we go over 4 reasons your Jenkins Pipeline can be brittle. Hint: it's partly in the plugins.

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