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November 8, 2023
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Increase Developer Velocity with AIDA™ and Harness CI


Developer velocity is about removing barriers and friction points by adopting the best tools and practices to enable the full potential of your development talent. McKinsey’s 2020 Developer Velocity report determined the four conditions with the greatest impact on business performance are tools, culture, product management, and talent management. AI assistance in development workflows was an emerging category at the time, and the report recognized that top-quartile companies were "increasingly exploring the use of AI in developer tools."

AI Throughout the SDLC

Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA™) employs AI to identify and address issues in every stage of the software development life cycle. While most AI developer tools primarily focus on code generation, AIDA is woven into the fabric of every stage of the software delivery life cycle in Harness.

"I strongly believe that generative AI and LLMs can help the entire software development life cycle," said Jyoti Bansal, Harness CEO and cofounder, during a recent livestream. "The entire spectrum of the software development life cycle is where generative AI could be a very powerful assistant to developers and help DevOps teams to be more productive."

AIDA and Harness CI

In Harness CI pipelines, AIDA can identify and address issues early in the development process. Build failures slow down developers, causing them to babysit pipelines. AIDA helps developers quickly troubleshoot and resolve build failures by explaining errors in human readable format and suggesting effective fixes.

When a Harness CI pipeline fails, AIDA analyzes the logs, correlates the error messages with known issues, and suggests possible remediation steps. This allows developers to quickly identify and rectify problems, increasing productivity and reducing toil.

Get Started with Harness CI Cloud and AIDA

AIDA for CI is available today in all Harness accounts. Sign up for Harness today and enjoy 2,000 free monthly Harness Cloud build credits for your pipelines.

To get started with AIDA for Harness CI, you must agree to the AIDA EULA.

Then, you’ll get error analysis and remediation from AIDA when a step fails. When viewing the failed step’s logs, select the Harness AIDA dialog to review error analysis and troubleshooting suggestions.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a demo to see how Harness can revolutionize your software development process.

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