Public Cloud Migration

Harness migrated its own SaaS environment from one public cloud to another in just 76 minutes. Keep your software delivery dynamic and flexible. Harness Continuous Delivery provides a cloud-agnostic abstraction model supporting your deployments whatever the target infrastructure.

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What is Public Cloud Migration?

A Public Cloud Migration involves moving data, applications, and other business services into a cloud computing environment such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

How Harness supports public cloud migration.

Harness supports public cloud migrations by providing an environment agnostic delivery platform. Utilize infrastructure as code to provision deployment environments.

What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cloud Cost Optimization is the process of reducing the overall cloud cost spend by right-sizing resources, eliminating waste, and identifying mismanaged resources.

How Harness provides Cloud Cost Optimizations.

Harness’s Cloud Cost Management is purpose-built to find and eliminate cloud cost overages. Acting as a watchful eye on your cloud infrastructure, coupled with the deployment capabilities of the Harness Platform, Cloud Cost Management can recommend and help implement savings immediately.

What are microservices?

SMicroservices are small, autonomous services that work together.

How microservices work with Harness.

Harness can orchestrate even the most complex Microservice deployments. As applications decompose and the number of services increase, the number of deployments increase. Harness can handle multiple deployment patterns.

What is Container Orchestration?

Container orchestrators manage the lifecycle of containers and other computer resources.

How Container Orchestration works with Harness.

Harness can interact with multiple container orchestrators. No matter if deploying to Kubernetes or Amazon ECS, Harness has the ability to be ubiquitous when interacting with a container orchestration. Harness out of the box provides scaffold deployments to several popular orchestrators.

What is Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as Code is the practice of provisioning, managing, and configuring computer infrastructure as such networks, load balancers, and machines.

How Infrastructure as Code relates to Harness.

Harness has the ability to interact and manage with several infrastructure-as-code providers. As part of a modern deployment, infrastructure is provisioned at deployment time. Harness can orchestrate popular infrastructure-as-code providers such as Terraform and CloudFormation.