Spinnaker Not Enough?

If you are struggling to deliver your software or to build your software delivery solution, it may be time to consider Software as a Service. Supported SaaS CI/CD solutions take the hassle out of configuration, bugs, and platform support. Harness makes Continuous Delivery easy and provides platform support for hosted, or self-managed instances.

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What are the challenges posed by Spinnaker?

Spinnaker was created and designed by Netflix, which is opinionated about where you can deploy but not how you can deploy. Spinnaker focused primarily on the cloud stack that Netflix operated and allowed users/implementations to be left to their own devices on how to deploy, verify, and rollback. Users of the Spinnaker Platform often mention the steep learning curve required to install and administer the platform.

How Harness wins on platform support.

Unlike Spinnaker, Harness is designed to be ubiquitous with platforms to deploy to. Compared to other solutions which are opinionated on where to deploy to, e.g. only Kubernetes, Harness has the ability to deploy anywhere.

What is Open Source?

Open Source or Open Source Software is where software’s source code is made available under license. Open Source Software can potentially be open for contributors, thus making it a software development strategy. Licenses typically can enable or restrict the use of source code, derivative works, and distribution.

How Harness supports open source.

Harness loves Open Source. Our engineers contribute to Open Source Projects. With the recent investment into Drone.io, a wildly-popular Open Source Project, Harness is committed to being a good steward of the Open Source Community.

How Harness supports Customer Migrations from Spinnaker.

When investigating a Continuous Delivery platform, it is common to compare Spinnaker to Harness. Several customers have migrated or are in the process of migrating off Spinnaker and to Harness. Our Pre-Sales and Solution Architecture Team has been through the journey with several customers.