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The Secure Software Delivery Platform for Federal Agencies

Accelerate, optimize, and secure your agency’s DevOps processes with the industry’s first Intelligent Software Delivery Platform using AI/ML.

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AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Accelerate Speed-to-Mission

  • Standardize Multi and Hybrid GovCloud development and deployment workflows
  • Low code/no code visual GUI Pipeline Studio speeds onboarding 
  • Automatically approve your pipeline's progression by integrating it into your ticketing system
  • Increase velocity of cloud & microservices migration

Secure and Monitor Pipelines

  • Integrate security best practices into your build phase
  • Enforce security policy through approved & reusable pipelines
  • Automate cATO/RMF through Security Testing Orchestration
  • Normalize, deduplicate, and correlate security scanner results
AI/ML-Driven Workflows
AI/ML-Driven Workflows

Enforce Policies Across Software Delivery

  • Centrally define and monitor policies that are enforced across all delivery pipelines and processes
  • Built-in Secrets Management stores encrypted secrets, such as access keys
  • Easy compliance audits with UI integration and YAML diff comparison per event
  • Verify what specific applications, files, and data an authenticated user has access to

Do More with Less

  • Eliminate manual scripting, pipeline maintenance and plug-ins
  • Rely on AI/ML verification to automatically roll back failed deployments
  • Automated Canary & Blue-Green deployments
  • GitOps-as-a-Service provides enterprise control, governance, visibility, and 100% interoperability with the open-source Argo CD approach.
AI/ML-Driven Workflows