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Human-centered DevSecOps: How to Think People Before Tech

Shifting the Paradigm to Modern, Automated Software Deployments

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As mission critical as application security is to software delivery, if the processes are cumbersome, developers and security practitioners won’t follow them. You’ll end up with fragmented pipelines and processes that hamper your DevSecOps initiatives.

Adopting DevSecOps successfully requires shifting traditional processes and paradigms around when and how security processes are introduced.

Join RedMonk, ClearShark, and Harness for an interactive panel discussion around the ways developer experience defines DevSecOps and how the public sector and other industries with stringent regulatory requirements can deliver software securely without compromising velocity.

Register for this webinar to learn how you can set your DevSecOps initiative up for success by:

  • Understanding the cultural and human impact as the first step
  • Making security visible earlier in the development process 
  • Implementing an automated approach for secure and rapid release velocity

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