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Delivering software seems like it gets harder every day, even as it has become so central to every type of business. Your SDLC is likely bogged down by a ton of manual scripting and toil, a multitude of vendor solutions to address each individual challenge, and a healthy dose of friction among teams that creates a negative experience for everyone.

Bridging the gap between development and IT operations with the emergence of DevOps has been in practice for 12 years, and it’s time to move into the next generation. The standard operating procedures have been established, and maturing in your DevOps journey is all about creating guardrails and governance to empower developer self-service.

Learn how every business can perfect the art of software delivery like the tech greats. Gain actionable insights into:

  • The top five focus areas that will modernize your DevOps
  • Increasing velocity while dramatically lowering risk
  • Improving release processes with proven best practices
  • Saving developers the 20-30% of time spent on unnecessary delivery-related toil

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Troy Mangum

Director of Platform Marketing, Harness

Alex Valentine

Sr. Director of Field Engineering, Harness

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