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Top Deployment Patterns for Modernizing Your CI/CD

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Software deployment pipelines have historically been like snowflakes, but building and deploying software as fast and frequently as today’s users need requires more standardization with best practices baked in. Choosing the right deployment patterns is critical to getting your changes into production safely, quickly, and repeatedly. 

Join Harness CI/CD experts to discuss their hands-on experiences with specific deployment patterns. We’ll discuss the complexity and value of each, where we see them used, and how we see them evolving to support new use cases.

You’ll gain a better understanding of the different ways you can build and deploy faster and determine which deployment patterns are best suited for your applications.

Key takeaways: 

  • Top considerations for designing safe, fast, and sustainable deployment pipelines
  • An overview of the most common deployment patterns
  • A glimpse into the deployment patterns of the future
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Date and Time

March 8, 2023


Troy Mangum, Director of Product Marketing

Nofar Bluestein, Director of Product Management

Avan Mathur, Director of Product Management

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