Harness CI/CD DevDays: August 28th

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST

August 28, 2024


Jim Sheldon

Staff Product Manager

Dewan Ahmed
Principal Developer Advocate at Harness

Harness is providing a free hands-on workshop to teach you how to go from code to securely deployed in multiple environments using a modern GitOps approach. In this two hour workshop, we’ll teach you how to build a pipeline that promotes artifacts and manifests to multiple environments with the ability to introduce approvals. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Build and publish docker artifacts from source
  • Scan artifacts for common CVEs
  • Facilitate deploying to multiple Kubernetes environments with a GitOps approach

Harness will also provide a browser based CloudShell Environment with a Kubernetes Cluster and Ubuntu compute instance for use during the duration of the workshop so all you need is a browser.


We’ll be interacting with a few systems during the class so please have access to the following before the workshop:

  • A GitHub account that you have the ability to write to a repository to.
  • A DockerHub account that you have the ability to push to.
  • A Harness account that you are an admin for. Sign up here for a new account.

Some helpful material to be familiar with ahead of time:

Continue the Journey

As an added bonus, those who complete the lab will get a coupon good for Harness Certified Expert, Continuous Delivery & GitOps Administrator Certification. The lab will provide a good foundation for further learning towards the certification.