Secure Software Delivery

September 4, 2024

09:00 AM PT


Nic Acton

Sr. Federal Sales Engineer

As you know, software-producing organizations are grappling with two challenging phenomena.

One, traditional application security practices are not effective in a DevOps world. And two, regulatory pressures are ramping up dramatically to ensure the integrity of all software components. Which means developers, security testers, platform engineering teams and DevOps engineers have some work to do.

However, Harness wants to help them do it. We take a holistic, platform-based approach to securing CI/CD pipelines along with the software supply chain that enhances collaboration, governance and control, and developer productivity. And in this webinar, we’ll look at these challenges in greater detail, as well as conduct a demonstration of what utopia looks like using the Harness platform.

During the session you’ll learn how-to:

  • Intercept security issues before pushing code
  • Ensure security tests are run through governance
  • Get contextual help using GenAI to resolve security issues
  • Access and monitor a consolidated view of security tests
  • Generate SBOM and full SLSA attestation for your artifacts
  • View when builds begun, what tests were run, and where they’re deployed


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