Lessons Learned: Migrating from GitHub to Harness Code Repository

June 19, 2024

9:00AM PST


Johannes Batzill

Staff Software Engineer II

One of the many reasons organizations trust Harness is because of our excellent governance features. Even within Harness, governance and security are paramount for the engineering teams. Our engineering teams originally used GitHub for source code management (SCM),  however, the required governance features like granular RBAC were missing in GitHub. This led to the development of the Harness Code Repository. 

Adding a Code Repository product to the Harness Platform was a necessary and natural evolution of our DevOps platform so that we continue to modernize DevOps and optimize the developer experience. And with that said, we want to walk you through our journey.

Join us to learn more about:

  • The pain points with GitHub for Harness’ engineering team
  • Our migration journey from GitHub to Harness Code Repository
  • The governance, security, and AI features that Code Repository provides, including:some text
    • Code generation and unit test generation
    • Semantic search - helps in searching and understanding code better
    • Vulnerability scanning on-push
    • Benefits of integrating SCM with Harness CI, STO, and other modules


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