Choice Hotels Deploys 85% Faster Using Harness

Harness helps us capitalize on the investments we’ve made in automation tools by streamlining everything into a single pipeline.

Metrikus Shortens Commit-to-Production Time by 66%

Metrikus made feature flag management easy with Harness. See how you can too.

Single Digits Saves $108k in Deployment Effort

Single Digits made their migration easy with Harness. See how you can too.

Burst SMS Removes Outage Risk for Their Customers

Harness delivers better DevOps practices to all our customers. Find out how Burst SMS used Harness to reduce outages.

Improving Sleep & Increasing Deployment Velocity 7.5x

Find out how Harness helped Zepto's CTO sleep better at night while increasing deployment velocity 7.5x.

How Zeotap Increased Deployment Velocity 36x

From Downtime Windows to Deployment Nirvana: Learn How Zeotap Increased Deployment Velocity 36x.

Ancestry Cuts Downtime by 50% Using Harness Governance

Find out how Ancestry secured their platform using Harness.

Automated CI CD Rollback to 30 Seconds removed most of their verification effort. Find out how you can too.

Empowers Developers with Harness

Vuclip found that Harness was the only solution that fully integrated with their GCP, Kubernetes, APM, and Log stack.

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