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July 28, 2021
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Single Digits Saves $108k in Deployment Effort



Single Digits offers complete guest, resident, and customer internet and connectivity solutions, including enterprise-class software, network design, engineering, professional services, ongoing maintenance, network monitoring, multilingual support, revenue reporting, and authentication tracking.

From Legacy to Microservices

Single Digits was embarking on a journey to modernize its platform from legacy applications to an event-driven platform based on microservices. The team hoped that a microservice architecture would lead to greater deployment velocity and less downtime. 

As it stood, the legacy platform was deployed using Jenkins jobs and custom shell scripts. This deployment frankenstein allowed Single Digits to deploy their legacy application once every two weeks. The deployment itself took 6 hours, occured in the middle of the night, and was spread across three days. This was the only way the company could mitigate downtime risk. 

“Deployments included off-hours sessions to mitigate risk.”

Clint Nelissen | Director of Architecture | Single Digits

As the Director of Cloud Architecture, Clint Nelissen had already put a considerable amount of effort into developing Single Digits’ CI/CD strategy. Knowing that the migration would necessitate a new deployment methodology, Clint wanted to make sure his team didn’t have to rebuild everything from scratch. 

“We evaluated other deployment tools, but didn’t want to have to re-write all our previous CI work.”

Clint Nelissen | Director of Architecture | Single Digits

Jenkins was automatically thrown out as an option because of its lack of microservice deployment flexibility. Clint also evaluated CircleCI and Codefresh, but both CI tools were dismissed because the team didn’t want to throw out their existing CI solution. 

Clint needed a solution that would assist in the migration and wouldn’t override all of their pre-existing hard work. 

Harness Makes Modernization Easy

Harness helped Single Digits transition to a modernized microservice architecture. Ten new microservices were created and onboarded within the first three months of using Harness. Since then, more than 125 services have been onboarded - with more added each month. 

“Without Harness, we would've had a hard time figuring out microservice deployments.”

Clint Nelissen | Director of Architecture | Single Digits

Harness has also helped Single Digits reduce deployment time from 6 hours to 20 minutes, which saves them $108,000 annually in deployment effort. 

“Harness made software delivery the easiest part of our modernization effort.”

Clint Nelissen | Director of Architecture | Single Digits

Every month, companies are deciding to migrate to a microservice architecture - and every month, companies are hitting migration roadblocks. Check out Harness to find out how we can ease your migration burden.

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