July 3, 2024

Announcing the ServiceNow integration for Harness SEI

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In our continued effort to meet our users where they are, we are thrilled to announce that we now support ServiceNow integration on Harness SEI. This integration allows you to utilize your existing ServiceNow-enabled incident management process to provide Harness SEI with change requests and incident data. This will help you measure various software delivery performance metrics on Harness SEI. Currently, you can measure the 3 key DORA metrics: Deployment Frequency (DF), Change Failure Rate (CFR), and Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR).

What’s new

By integrating ServiceNow with Harness SEI, you can:

  1. Measure DORA metrics directly from ServiceNow activity
  2. Track incidents and change requests to calculate Deployment Frequency, Change Failure Rate, and Mean Time to Restore
  3. Use your existing ServiceNow data to enhance Harness SEI reporting
  4. Customize how ServiceNow activities are interpreted for DORA metrics
  5. Gain new insights into your operational performance without changing your current processes

This integration provides a new data source for Harness SEI, enabling a more comprehensive and accurate measurement of your software delivery performance.

Getting Started

The SEI ServiceNow integration offers two authentication methods:

  • OAuth
  • Username and Password

Choose the method that best suits your requirements and follow our ServiceNow integration help doc for detailed setup instructions.

ServiceNow and Harness SEI

This integration now allows you to monitor activity and measure crucial metrics regarding your change requests and incidents from the ServiceNow platform. You can now consolidate reporting, combining ServiceNow data with other metrics from Harness SEI, and create customizable dashboards i.e. Insights that focus on the metrics most crucial to your team's success.

A key advantage of this integration is its robust support for DORA metrics such as Deployment Frequency, Change Failure Rate and Mean Time to Restore.

Measure incident recovery time

The DORA Mean Time To Restore metric helps you understand how quickly your team can recover from failures. By configuring a DORA Workflow Profile with the ServiceNow integration, you can precisely measure the time between incident creation and resolution. 

This report measures the duration between when an incident was created to when the service was restored. In other words, it tracks the time from when the incident was created to the time the incident was closed. 

With this information, you can set and track Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) goals, driving continuous improvement in your team's ability to address and resolve issues quickly.

Deployment frequency tracking

Understanding your deployment cadence is key to achieving continuous delivery. You can define DORA profiles using the ServiceNow integration for tracking how often you deploy. You have the flexibility to track deployments as either Change Requests or Incidents, though using Change Requests is recommended for more accurate deployment tracking

The DORA Deployment Frequency report will display metrics on how often change requests are resolved. This enables you to perform trend analysis, helping you see how your change requests resolution frequency changes over time. With this information, teams can identify patterns and optimize their processes, moving towards a more efficient continuous delivery model.

Change failure rate reporting

You can set up the DORA profile definition for Change Failure Rate to monitor the failed deployments from the ServiceNow platform. This links change requests to incidents. Change requests represent the total deployments (when a change request is resolved, it means a deployment is completed). Incidents indicate a failure caused by these deployments (when a change request is resolved but later causes an incident).

Closing thoughts

This integration bridges the gap between operational data in ServiceNow and development metrics in Harness SEI, providing a holistic view of the entire software delivery lifecycle. 

With these insights at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions, prioritize improvements effectively, and ultimately deliver better software faster and more reliably. Contact Harness Support to try this out today.

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