Harness Partner Bootcamp

April 17, 2023

Join us for an accelerated 5-day partner bootcamp at the Harness office in Dallas, Texas. This event will be for partners who are interested in accelerating their Technical Partner Certification.

This bootcamp will be focused on Harness Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). 

Why This Matters:

As the Harness Platform expands and deepens, the impact Harness has with our customers grows alongside it. The need for expert consulting services has become critical for customer success. 

Harness aims to direct 70% of its expert services revenue through partners. We want our best partners to benefit from the investment of their partnership with us. Harness is immediately offering subcontracting engagements for qualified partners, and are seeking primary, preferred partners in each global region to fulfill customer demand. 

Thank you for leading with Harness!

Monday, April 17th - 10am to 4pm CST

  • Engineering Maturity Model
  • Other Harness Modules

Tuesday, April 18th - 10am to 4pm CST

  • Intro to CI/CD Lab

Wednesday, April 19th - 8am to 4pm CST

  • CI Troubleshooting

Thursday, April 20th - 8am to 4pm CST

  • CD Optimization and Troubleshooting

Friday, April 21st - 8am to 12pm CST

  • Discovery questions for each module
  • Upcoming module certifications

Prerequisite to attend:

  • Continuous Delivery Developer Badge: Get started here.
  • Continuous Integration Developer Badge: Get started here. Once you’ve completed the study material and are ready for the exam, please register here.

*Hotel lodging will be provided by Harness. Spots are limited - please register as soon as possible to secure your spot.