Steaks and Cigars with Harness and Stratascale

May 4, 2023
El Gaucho's, 319 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

Join Harness and Stratascale for a fine-dining private dinner at El Gaucho’s to discuss the common challenge of all businesses this year – Gaining efficiency. 

As companies look to be more efficient in every way, technology leaders have a pivotal role to play. While historically, engineering has often been perceived as a large cost center, engineering leaders can leverage technology to not only shave costs, but move faster, more effectively, and with fewer resources — without compromising reliability or security. 

To ensure people can be more efficient, it’s time to bid farewell to overly complex, bloated, and brittle toolchains. Engineering will drive efficiency end-to-end by consolidating toolchains and unifying functionality — from a developer’s code to cloud costs.

On May 4th, Harness and Stratascale will host a fireside chat on:

  • Common software delivery bottlenecks and new ways to tackle these old challenges
  • FinOps tools that drive engineering cloud cost efficiency
  • How your company’s software journey can benefit from leveraging Harness & Stratascale

*Cigars are optional and will be hosted after dinner for those who are interested.

** Spots are limited - please register as soon as possible to secure your spot.