Cloud Cost Management

The flexibility of tools and services within the cloud adds to the required skills of a team. The cloud offers scalability, but developers also need to manage enterprise scale and complexity. Cloud computing is not all that we expect when it comes to cost.

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What is Cost Visibility?

From an engineering standpoint, there is a disconnect between what resources an application is taking up in the public cloud and the actual dollar and cents cost incurred, which usually sits with a finance team. Cost visibility allows the consumer, e.g. the engineer of the cloud resources, to gain a clear and concise view of what they are actually using in their applications.

How Harness provides cloud cost visibility.

Harness Cloud Cost Management is a dedicated product focusing on cloud cost visibility. A challenge with cloud cost visibility is disseminating information to engineers specifically for their work. Answering the question “how much is my application costing” is difficult, especially with the multi-tenant or multi-app nature of modern cloud native infrastructure. Harness Cloud Cost Management unlocks cloud cost visibility and solves these problems.

What are Container Costs?

Similar to physical machines and VMs, containers have infrastructure costs associated with them. Storage, compute, memory, and networking are all dimensions of costs for containers. Density is key for containers, and optimizing the dimensions allows for higher container density.

How Harness reduces Container Costs.

Harness Cloud Cost Management is a dedicated product focusing on reducing cloud and container costs. Harness Cloud Cost Management can observe trends of containerized workloads, making right-sizing recommendations based on actual usage data. Harness Cloud Cost Management can also correlate usage spikes to deployments/changes, thus getting a clearer picture of how changes impact cost.

What are Cost Budgets and Cost Alerting?

Money and cloud infrastructure are not infinite. Organizations at some level must budget for cloud spend. Cost budgets allows for individual teams or departments to take ownership of their actual cloud costs and be alerted if they are exceeding or predicted to exceed the budget. When costs spike in an application, cost alerting can alert the necessary parties much closer to the spike, rather than waiting up to a month for a cloud vendor to provide a bill.

How Harness implements Cost Budgeting and Alerting.

Harness Cloud Cost Management has the ability to alert on cloud costs that are exceeding or forecasted to exceed a particular amount. With the budgeting feature in Cloud Cost Management, you are able to set actual budgets and compare against actual or forecasted costs.

What is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cloud Cost Optimization is the process of reducing the overall cloud cost spend by right-sizing resources, eliminating waste, and identifying mismanaged resources.

How Harness provides Cloud Cost Optimizations.

Harness’s Cloud Cost Management is purpose-built to find and eliminate cloud cost overages. Acting as a watchful eye on your cloud infrastructure, coupled with the deployment capabilities of the Harness Platform, Cloud Cost Management can recommend and help implement savings immediately.