Receive an extra 3 MONTHS FREE Cloud Credits when using Code Repository with CI/CD

Easy migration

Easily import Git repositories from your Bitbucket projects and workspaces. Streamline your pipelines’ migration to Harness CI with our open-source migration utility, saving you significant time and effort.

Best in class CI/CD:

Run builds up to 4X faster with AI-powered smart test selection, automatic caching of dependencies including Docker layers, and optimized cloud machines. Deploy with confidence with advanced deployment strategies, and automatic rollbacks. No scripting required.

Boost developer productivity

Reduce manual tasks and free up developers to focus more on innovation and coding with a robust, scalable and intelligent platform that supports the development, deployment, and operation of software applications.

DevSecOps done right:

Enable developers to rapidly fix issues with vulnerability scanners and AI remediation suggestions. Govern OSS components with SBOM, and ensure artifact integrity for SLSA compliance. Leverage templates and OPA-based policies to ensure best practices and governance.

“A CI pipeline build for an airport operation application took nearly 22 minutes. Now, it’s done in under five minutes for the exact same code. ”

Ratna Devarapalli

Director of IT - Architecture, Platform Engineering & DevOps

Terms and conditions

This promotional offer (the “Offer”) is valid until June 30, 2024 (the “Expiration Date”). The Offer is available exclusively to new customers of Harness Code Repository and/or Harness Continuous Integration (CI) who have not previously purchased these products.

The Offer
  • Eligible customers may receive one year of free Harness Code Repository service with a commitment to a two-year contract, or six months free with a one-year contract. Customers opting for a two-year contract under this Offer will be entitled to two years of service for the price of one year. The total cost will be equally divided, with 50% of the contract value payable in the first year and the remaining 50% in the second year.
  • Eligible customers may receive three months of complimentary Harness Cloud Credits up to a maximum of 6 million credits, applicable over the first year of the contract. Unused credits do not rollover to subsequent years.
Application Process

To apply, please fill out the form via the landing page.