Unparalleled visibility
for operational excellence

Easily Identify software delivery obstacles with powerful and flexible dashboards.


Maximize build efficiency with actionable insights

Get a comprehensive overview of build metrics, including success and failure rates, build frequency, and duration. Gain actionable insights to improve build success and efficiency.

Answer questions such as:

  • What is the average build time and how has it trended over time?
  • How many builds are run across the organization?
  • Which pipelines in the organization have the highest build failure rate?

Repository analysis for informed decision-making

Gain valuable insights into how your Git repositories impact build performance. Easily identify which repositories require attention to continuously improve.

Answer questions such as:

  • Which repositories have the highest build frequency?
  • How does build duration vary across different repositories?
  • Which repository exhibits the highest failure rate?
TESTS dashboard

Understand code quality with test insights

Enhance efficiency and code quality with a comprehensive analysis of aggregated test results.

Answer questions such as:

  • What is the failure rate of tests by each Git repository?
  • Which specific tests exhibit the highest failure rate?
  • How does the failure rate of tests vary across different pipelines?

Strengthen security posture with targeted insights

Streamline vulnerability management with Harness by focusing on what matters most. Our dashboard intelligently displays deduplicated and prioritized security vulnerabilities, detected by your scanners, for efficient resolution.

Answer questions such as:

  • Which issues occur most frequently across projects?
  • What's the total count of issues reported by each scanner?
  • How many unique security issues have been detected?
custom dashboardS

Personalized insights with custom dashboards

Craft dashboards tailored to your organization's unique needs. Design tiles featuring your own queries and visualizations to dissect and interpret data across teams or projects, delivering precisely the understanding you require.

Send reports when it matters
Schedule dashboards to be sent to stakeholders or set up alerts to dispatch reports based on specific conditions, ensuring timely sharing of insights without the hassle.

dora metrics

Discover and fix bottlenecks in 
your SDLC

Get actionable insights into contributing factors to identify bottlenecks. Analyze across various pivot points to be able to pinpoint bottlenecks quickly. Understand systemic and tactical problems across the entire delivery lifecycle. Realize value quickly using the  widget library included in Software Engineering Insights.

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