Empowering Infrastructure Teams with
Seamless Management.

Pipeline for Infrastructure Changes

CICD for Infrastructure

Harness IaCM offers a cutting-edge and sophisticated CI/CD
solution tailored to infrastructure changes.

Integrated  Pipeline

Seamlessly incorporate into our comprehensive pipeline platform, enabling streamlined automation and orchestration of infrastructure provisioning and updates.

State management

Harness provides an out-of-the-box hosted backend, eliminating the need to host state and manage locking mechanism and access control.

Drift detection

Harness IaCM provides automated drift detection and reconciliation, preventing discrepancies between desired and actual state, ensuring git is the single source of truth for infrastructure changes.

Cost estimation

Harness IaCM helps users proactively identify cost impact associated with resource changes, which prevents unplanned and exorbitant cloud bills.

PR automation

By implementing PR automation, developers significantly reduce the likelihood of errors when making resource changes. This capability brings the visibility of planned changes into the PR process.

Reports and insights

Harness IaCM provide actionable insights into the managed resources, including input on activities, status, and governance.



Harness IaCM provides a comprehensive set of functionality that helps to govern the provisioning process, including granular access control, audit trail, and OPA policies.

Roadmap & Vision

Roadmap & Vision

Delivery Integration

Harness CD customers will benefit from seamless integration between IaCM and CD, providing resource visibility in Services and Environments.

Cloud Costs
Management Integration

Integration with Harness CCM will give users more cost insight into the infrastructure and better cost control and recommendations earlier in the provisioning process.

Module Registry

Harness IaCM will provide a private Module Registry for Terraform modules, making it easier to publish approved modules within the organization.

Tool Agnostic

Harness IaCM will expand its support to other IaC tools such as Terragrunt, Crossplane, Pulumi, CDK, AWS CloudFormation, and others, providing one platform for all IaC technologies.

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